Harmonizing cutting-edge 3D printing with inventive engineering, the QS-01 sport shoes transcend convention.
A singular, seamlessly connected structure, with an integrated SecureFit Tongue, securely cradles the foot sans traditional laces.
Below, a dynamic weight distribution system incorporates a U-shaped Weight Damper, providing a distinctive floating sensation, complemented by an inner sole ensuring lower foot support and weight distribution.

Immerse yourself in the anti-gravity essence as the shoes gracefully contour, embodying a quantum leap in both comfort and style.

QS-01 3D Printed Model.
Beyond pixels, the 3D printed model transcends mere representation—it's an indispensable tool.
Bringing the concept to life, it fosters alignment and offers an immersive experience in the revolutionary design through a tangible, hands-on approach.
Clay render preview
Base polygonal mesh model 
Low to High poly mesh preview
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